History of the Prechtlhof farm

The Prechtlhof farm has seen a lot and could tell us fascinating stories. We don’t want to give any secrets away, but a brief look at the typical history of a farm in Salzburg is important. 

The lovers

Although you can hardly tell by looking at them, this was a love match. The two were a couple for a few years before they got married. Maybe the husband was a bit distracted and forgot to look at the camera at the right time.

Marriage of convenience

Unfortunately, he died shortly afterwards and Frau Rettensteiner was left alone with her children on the farm. So she needed a new husband to help work the farm – as was the custom at that time. You can tell from Great-Grandma Rettensteiner’s expression that love was not so important.

The wedding chest

They used to make wedding chests to commemorate a wedding. If you look carefully, you can still see the bride’s hair that is used in the elaborate artwork..

Serious but in love...

In those days, happiness was expressed differently. But according to old stories, the two of them actually liked each other. 

The humorous

Things were better in the next generation! Grandpa Rettensteiner at his wedding to Grandma Rettensteiner!

That's us...

The lucky streak continued into the next generation! Annemarie and Hubert found each other and continue the series of functioning marriages! Sometimes it’s a good thing the olden days are gone…