Petting zoo at the Prechtlhof farm

At our farm, you can naturally come in contact with all the animals. With the cows, the pigs, or the chickens. Animals that especially like attention got together and formed a petting zoo at Prechtlhof farm. We thoroughly support the idea because you just have to enjoy the farm animals when you have a vacation at a farm in Flachau.

Animals at the petting zoo

Our petting zoo is home to many different animals. But the animals change from time to time and you always discover new animals here. The main animals are usually the same:

  • Affectionate cats (Emma, Rosi, Schnurli und Lausa)
  • Curious goats (Heribert, Sophie, Mecka)
  • Brash ducks (Ivan and Yvonne)
  • 1 horse (Garlet)
  • Clever chickens (Duck-Gang)
  • Rabbits
  • Mournful cows (Snow White is responsible for greeting guests)
  • And clumsy calves

Visitors are always welcome by these animals – even without an appointment. You don’t need to bring anything – except a big bag of affection and attention.

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